Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That's life

          Do you ever have something happen that just begs to be written down? Some funny incident that must be included, somehow, in a book?
          I have had quite a few lately. I really need to start keeping a file or something. A log of fun ideas and characters that I might be able to use someday.
          Whether it's the oblivious, eclectic woman who has continuous bad luck or the studious little boy who says the funniest things in such an intelligent way...I'm sure I'll find use for some of them.
          As for the irresponsible male babysitter from my dream last night...he won't appear in anything soon, but, you never know, I might have a spot for him one day.
          And, just so there's no confusion, I'm not saying that I would write a carbon copy of a person into a story. One little facet; a personality quirk or redundant wardrobe. (Like the guy who only wears plaid shirts). Then again, maybe fiction will wind up more fascinating than real life and I won't need that file after all. :)


  1. An irresponsible male babysitter? I'd totally read something like that!

    Every day there's things to be seen that would make for great details in your writing. Everyday observations creep their way in there. :)

  2. He would be a fun character to write. But, unlike in my dream, he wouldn't be providing the infant and preschooler with cigarettes. :)