Sunday, November 6, 2011


          Why am I having such a hard time finding the time, energy and motivation to write anything these days? I wrote my first rough draft while raising 5 kids and working two jobs. I am still raising those 5 kids but only working a part-time job now. So, why is it that I can't fit in a few hours a week to write? Fighting with health issues and keeping up with the kids and such is only part of it. I need to get excited about a story again. I have several ideas jotted down, partially outlined, and even started but I can't seem to get in to any of them.
 I put them aside and brainstorm a new idea? Pick one and just get going on it and hope my enthusiasm kicks in? Sigh...I guess it's time to hide away somewhere and get busy. I know I can make the time to do it, it's just wanting to. Go away dark cloud hanging over my head. :/