Friday, September 16, 2011

Choosing a book to read

          Two incidents arose this week. The first was a delivery from Amazon. I was super excited, but bummed that I still had 4 library books to read first. Then, as I began to read one, I realized I had already read them. :) So, on to reading about peculiar children. (Funny sister mentioned this book today and said she needed to loan to me...a little late for that).
          Second, my daughter needed to pick a book for English. "It needs to be fiction." Hmmm...shelves and shelves full at our house. I handed her one, she'd read the cover and hand it back. This often coincided with a snappy, "That sounds weird."
          After refusing several books, she finally settled on one. It is one I haven't read yet because I'm waiting for the last 2 books to come out and have plenty to read in the meantime. However, my mom has read them. She stopped by today and was scanning my books. She asked if I had read those particular ones yet and informed me they were 'strange'. So, hopefully my daughter is okay with strange over weird. ;-)

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  1. A cover and Back cover blurbs are soooo important. Wish there was a perfect formula in appealing to everyone. Happy reading!